Good places, green spaces, better lives

Living Space Project is an urban place making and green space consultancy and think tank.


Good Places. Green Spaces. Better Lives.

collective and inclusive urban place making

Living Space Project is an urban placemaking and green space consultancy and think tank. We operate as a social enterprise and we are dedicated to connecting people through urban places and green spaces.

At Living Space Project, we think that everyone should be able to enjoy a good place to live, love, work and play. Why? Because good places, local inclusive economies, and green spaces, create better lives.

Our focus is on creating successful places in diverse urban neighbourhoods and cities. We are dedicated to equality and collaboration, and we have decades of experience delivering research, policy and practical projects.

So we really know that transforming cities and neighbourhoods through placemaking rejuvenates not only spaces but drives local economies, and connects people. And we believe that project by project, city by city, neighbourhood by neighbourhood, community by community we can all create good places and better lives.

But crucially, we know that the best cities and placemaking always come about through conversations, relationship building, action and learning.


our work is local, national and international.

We support communities, architects, developers, local authorities, charitable foundations, central government, academics and international agencies on public built and green spaces. Our clients and partners gain crucial advice, research, and ideas for developing placemaking briefs, plans, projects and policy.

Our office is based in London, and we work on local, national and international projects.